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Kindhelm IPESSA

High-Precision Positioning Modules for OEMs

We offer state-of-the-art positioning modules for OEMs. Kindhelm IPESSA family consists of a wide range of positioning products to meet the needs of each application. Kindhelm IPESSA products are self-contained and fully integrated positioning devices. They feature accurate RTK-GNSS receiver with high-end inertial sensors, which are integrated in a powerful sensor fusion. This allows IPESSA products provide accurate position, attitude and heading under all conditions, and also to compensate positioning offsets due to uneven terrain.

Best-in-Class Positioning Accuracy

IPESSA Classic is the better positioning module for vehicle OEM. In addition to RTK-GNSS receiver and MEMS based inertial measurement unit, IPESSA Classic contains a fiber optical gyroscope (FOG) for extremely accurate and robust heading estimates. This allows IPESSA Classic to provide precise position, attitude and heading even over long GNSS outages. IPESSA Classic is the best choice when compromises are not allowed.


Rugged High-Precision Positioning Device

IPESSA Light is a rugged high-accuracy positioning module with RTK-GNSS receiver and state-of-the-art inertial sensors. IPESSA Light provides wide range of communication interfaces and protocols to meet the needs of each application. It also contains a convenient protocol converter to customize the communication between IPESSA and the navigation system.

Compact Size Dual-Antenna Positioning Module

IPESSA Tiny is a compact size dual-antenna RTK-GNSS receiver with inertial sensors. Dual-antenna configuration enables IPESSA Tiny to provide accurate heading estimates instantly with GNSS position fix, and allows to start fully autonomous operations without further sensor initialization by moving. Therefore, IPESSA Tiny is the ideal choice for any autonomous vehicles on land and air.


Proprietary RTK Corrections

IPESSA Base is a proprietary base station solution for RTK corrections. IPESSA Base supports correction data transmission through cellular network by internal LTE-M/NB IoT modem. Alternatively, correction data can be delivered locally over terrestrial transmission by optional UHF radio module. IPESSA Base is preferred option for remote locations and operators of machine fleets. Contact us for further information.

IPESSA in Action

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