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High-Precision Dual-Antenna RTK-GNSS Receiver with State-of-the-Art Inertial Sensors Integrated in Powerful Sensor Fusion Engine

IPESSA Tiny is the ideal positioning solution for any autonomous vehicles on land and air. IPESSA Tiny features a high-precision dual-antenna RTK-GNSS receiver, which provides accurate position and heading measurements. The GNSS position is augmented by an integrated high-performance IMU.


Tiny in Brief

Key Features

  • Self-contained standalone system
  • Fully integrated RTK-GNSS and IMU
  • Well supported interfaces and protocols
  • CAN, RS-232, USB, GPIO
  • Global narrow band 4G-LTE
  • NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, Custom
  • 6 V to 24 V supply voltage
  • Graphical user interface
  • IP67 rating

Typical Applications

  • Precision agriculture
  • Agricultural robotics
  • Forestry industry
  • Delivery robots
  • Municipal machines
  • Other guided vecihles

Precision Beyond GNSS

The novel sensor fusion engine of IPESSA Tiny combines the GNSS measurements with inertial sensors and utilizes the best features of these fundamentally very different sensing modalities. In good signal reception, GNSS is the ideal source of accurate absolute position, orientation and speed. By combining these accurate GNSS measurements with inertial sensing, the Sensor Fusion Engine provides the best position and orientation accuracy in even the most demanding conditions.

Instant Position and Heading

Dual-antenna GNSS receiver of IPESSA Tiny provides precise position and heading right after acquisition of GNSS position fix, even without moving. In combination with inertial sensors IPESSA Tiny provides full position, attitude and heading from the start and allows autonomous machines start instant operations.

Dynamic Terrain Compensation

Integrated high-performance IMU powers IPESSA Tiny sensor fusion to compensate GNSS positioning offsets caused by uneven and sloped terrains. In all conditions, IPESSA Tiny provides the exact position of the vehicle and operator can focus on the task instead of driving.

Built-in Protocol Converter

IPESSA Tiny provides unique flexibility and reconfigurability along its convenient protocol converter functionality. It allows to customize interfaces and protocols according to the application and removes the need for additional protocol converter devices and costly engineering.

Rugged Weather Proof Design

Careful design and well-chosen materials make IPESSA Tiny tolerant against weather conditions with water and dust. Furthermore, its rugged design protects the electronics from vibrations and mechanical shocks making IPESSA Tiny optimal solution for any working machine application.

Easy Integration

IPESSA Tiny is easy to integrate into existing navigation system of the OEM. It contains the most common wired interfaces such as CAN and RS-232, and it supports standard communication protocols such as NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000. Additionally, IPESSA Tiny provides RTK correction data transfer over built-in global LTE-M/4G module. Furthermore, the built-in protocol converter functionality allows easy configuration and customization of the interfaces to customers’ needs.

IPESSA in Action

More Info

For further information, download IPESSA Tiny Product Sheet or contact us directly.