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Precision Agriculture

Improving the farm efficiency is one of the main objectives of precision agriculture. Better efficiency requires cutting down the running costs while increasing the farm yield. In practise, it means raising the level of automation and reducing manual work. Today, such methods as farm management, route planning and autonomous machine control are necessary to meet new requirements.

We offer State-of-Art positioning systems for various applications of precision agriculture. Our systems are suitable from guided, auto-steering systems to fully autonomous farming vehicles. Widely supported interfaces and flexible protocols allow easy connectivity to standard proprietary platforms. The novel sensor fusion with the latest sensor technology provides accurate positioning output also in the most demanding environments such as near treelines, under canopies and inside tunnels. Our modules are designed to meet high standards to ensure reliability and robustness under all conditions.

Agricultural Robotics

Soil compaction due to heavy vehicles is one of the primary issues in conventional farming. In contrast to inefficient deep plowing, utilizing a fleet of small robots provide sustainable way to reduce soil compaction. Our lightweight and cost optimized positioning modules allow accurate positioning at an affordable price. The modules are affordable for single robot as well as for a fleet of robots. Furthermore, our lightest positioning systems can extend your robotic applications to aerial operations.

Similarly to our all positioning products, we support a wide range of communication interface and flexibility to use standard and custom protocols for easy system integration.

Forest Industry

Forests are one of the most demanding environments for satellite positioning. Trees easily block satellite signals and disturbs the positioning accuracy. Thanks to our carefully selected combination of sensors and novel sensor fusion, we are able to provide robust, reliable and accurate positioning output also in the most demanding circumstances. In addition to the positioning output, we also provide the information about the positioning accuracy all the time.

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