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Autoguidance for OEMs

Autoguidance (automatic guidance) is one of the most important applications in today’s farming. Autoguidance with steering control takes care of the steering of the vehicle, and allows the farmer to focus on tasks and other farming activities. Additionally, autoguidance offers better control over the vehicle than a human driver, and it does not suffer from fatigue during long working days.

When the autoguidance is combined with ISOBUS and Task Controller (TC) of the implement, it offers even more benefits. That is, more precise dosage of fertilizers and pesticides on the desired area without any overlapping. All these features help to improve farming efficiency with improved results.

Kindhelm partnered up with Parker Hannifin to develop an autoguidance system that can be easily integrated with any vehicle control system. Additionally, one of our key focuses is providing high customizability of the system to meet all the requirements of each vehicle types and specific applications.

Three Key Components

Our autoguidance solution is a realization of three key components, Kindhelm IPESSA, Parker IQAN MC42 and Parker Pro Display 12. Kindhelm IPESSA provides precise position and heading information with dynamic terrain compensation, while Parker IQAN MC42 controller is in charge of steering control algorithms. Parker’s Pro Display 12 offers easy integration with ISOBUS, and allows the operator to monitor the farming task and the implement at the same time.

Autoguidance in Action

Watch the video to see how this autoguidance works in practice. With help of auto-steering functionalities, the farmer can be more relaxed on the vehicle control, and focus more on the farming task.

More Info

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