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RTK-VINS - Visually Enhanced RTK-GNSS Solution

IPESSA RTK-VINS is the first industrial grade stereo camera with embedded RTK-GNSS positioning fused visual inertial navigation algorithms. It is an ideal solution for all self-driving and guided applications experiencing frequent GNSS canopies and GNSS denied areas, such as indoor-outdoor robotics and navigation in urban canyons.

RTK-VINS in Brief

Key Features

  • Industrial stereo camera with CMOS global shutter sensors
  • Edge computing capability by NPU and ISP processing units
  • Multiband dual-antenna RTK-GNSS receiver
  • Instant and accurate position, attitude and heading
  • Dead reckoning, visual inertial odometry and SLAM functions
  • Built-in high-precision inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Ethernet, CAN-FD, RS-232 interfaces

Typical Applications

  • Autonomous and intelligent working machines
  • Indoor-outdoor robotics
  • Ports and cargo handling
  • Construction machines
  • Other navigation under limited GNSS reception

Precision Beyond GNSS

In optimal conditions, RTK-GNSS is the ideal source of accurate absolute position, orientation, and speed determination. By combining these accurate GNSS measurements with high-precision stereo imaging and inertial sensing, the built-in RTK-VINS sensor fusion provides the best-in-class position, orientation, and velocity accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions.

Instant Position, Attitude and Heading

The internal RTK-GNSS receiver of RTK-VINS provides immediate precise position of the moving body, while the dual-antenna configuration gives also the instant and accurate heading among the GNSS position fix. Together with the built-in inertial sensors IPESSA RTK-VINS offers the full position, attitude and heading measurements of the moving body from the start.

Dynamic Terrain Compensation

Integrated high-performance IMU allows the sensor fusion of IPESSA RTK-VINS to compensate all possible GNSS positioning offsets caused by uneven and sloped terrains or other similar dynamic conditions. In result, this makes the precise positioning independent from the attitude and heading of the moving body in all conditions on land, at sea and in the air.

Rugged Weatherproof Design

IPESSA RTK-VINS is a rugged stereo camera for heavy industry. Careful design and the aluminum enclosure makes it fully dust and waterproof. Furthermore, it tolerates well various vibrations, mechanical shocks and other environmental conditions that are typical with heavy working machines.

More Info

For further information, you may download IPESSA RTK-VINS Product Sheet or contact us directly.

IPESSA in Action