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We offer State-of-the-Art positioning systems for various autonomous navigation systems in different industries. Our robust solutions provides precision beyond GNSS and allows continuous operation also in the most demanding environments.

Our long experience in various positioning and navigation technologies with unmanned vehicles in together with expertise in system engineering, project management and global business ensures high quality products and smooth customer experiences.

Kindhelm provides wide range of positioning solutions from cost optimized models to high performance units to fit your needs. Our products follow high standards to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we support wide range of interfaces and protocols for easy integration on any navigation system.

Custom made solutions that fit your vehicles and vessels


Automatic steering and guidance systems are leading technologies in precision agriculture. They assist the driver to control their machine for optimal results. However, guidance can never be better than the positioning. Therefore, an accurate and reliable positioning module is needed in all precise guidance systems.

Agricultural robotics take the automation even further. Robots can complete repetitive tasks from start to the end without human interaction. Therefore, the precision and reliability requirements in robotic applications are even higher. Furthermore, the role of functional safety increases.

Accurate positioning can be used to localize timber in the forest. Additionally, it allows the optimization of the routes of the heavy machinery. In result, it helps to minimize operating costs and damage to the ground and trees.

We are pleased to inform, we will soon have a new batch of IPESSA Tiny available. IPESSA Tiny is a compact dual-RTK GNSS receiver with built-in inertial sensors. It provides precise positioning, even in harsh conditions. Dead reckoning functionality helps through GNSS denied spots, and allows continuous autonomous navigation. Please...
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Kindhelm has recently completed a case study for auto guidance through retrofitting. This study was conducted in joint-effort with Parker Hannifin, and one of the targets was to develop a complete auto guidance system with select key components for AB-line control. One of the key components, Kindhelm IPESSA Classic, provides...
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Since the beginning, Kindhelm has been developing positioning modules for OEM. Now, our project is reaching its end, and, we are ready to introduce our solution in public. Compared to old solutions, we provide a new way of thinking. Instead of separate sub-modules, we combine everything you need in one...
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