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IPESSA Navibot

IPESSA Navibot

Your Indoor Autonomous Navigation Solution: Discover Seamless Mobility with IPESSA Navibot

Say hello to the future of indoor navigation! Navibot’s 2D Lidar SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) solution represents the pinnacle of indoor navigation technology for mobile robots. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and adaptability, Navibot offers unparalleled performance in a variety of environments, from warehouses and factories to hospitals and retail spaces. Reduce your development time and cost with Navibot so you can focus on building your mobile robot’s unique application. Navibot is your perfect autonomous navigation solution partner. 

Key Features

  1. High-Resolution Mapping: Navibot’s proprietary algorithm and map editing tool enables your system to build a detailed, accurate map of its surroundings. An accurate map enables accurate localization and navigation. Navibot boasts a high localization accuracy and precision at up to 1 cm. 

  2. Real-Time Localization: Utilizing advanced SLAM algorithms, Navibot continuously updates its position in real-time, ensuring precise navigation even in dynamic environments.

  3. Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance: Navibot intelligently detects and avoids dynamic obstacles in its path, ensuring smooth and safe navigation in busy environments.

  4. Customizable Path Planning: With Navibot’s flexible path planning algorithms, you can customize routes to optimize efficiency and adapt to changing operational needs.

  5. User Intuitive Software Interface: Navibot comes with a simple to use, user intuitive software interface that requires minimal training to have your bot up in running in no time. Create maps, missions and schedule tasks easily with our Navibot software. 

Key Benefits

  • Long term cost reduction: Navibot’s SLAM powered navigation solution does not require maintenance as compared to its alternative magnetic tape or QR code solutions which require frequent updating on the infrastructure. Save on the manual labor and infrastructure cost required to maintain the latter solutions with Navibot SLAM powered navigation. 

  • Reduce development time & cost: Speed up your robotic project landing time and focus on developing your robots application with our Navibot solution. Save precious development resources and have a head start to your project by entrusting Navibot, your navigation partner to handle the 

  • Flexible route planning with 0 downtime: Adapt to new mobile robot routes easily by simply creating and saving new routes via the user interface. Change the route of your mobile robot completely remotely with just a few clicks on the software with barely any down time.