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In congested fairways, ports and near shore navigation it is essential to know your exact position for safe navigation. With IPESSA Yaw Bar vessel heading, motion and position is known at pinpoint accuracy even in rough seas and in bad visibility. *RTK *GNSS services will provide you with 15 mm accuracy when navigation requires it and when position redundancy is important IPESSA *MEMS *IMU and Solid State Closed Loop *FOG with exquisite Sensor Fusion will keep you on the course even in the event of GNSS denial, jamming or spoofing. Dead reckoning keeps you going, safely.

When you need to:

  • Navigate
  • Fish
  • Survey or map the seafloor
  • Dredge
  • Detect something underwater
  • Monitor anything underwater
  • Undertake Search and Rescue (SAR) mission
  • Any other activity you consider performing at sea

You can consider IPESSA Yaw Bar as your best position and navigation partner.

IPESSA Yaw Bar is fully integrated and customizable to fit and work as a part of OEM’s or integrators navigation package.

To make a vessel fully autonomous in navigation or remote controlled operations, the solution for precise position and Berth-To-Berth navigation is made possible with fully integrated e-bridge that is equipped with extra redundancy and security brought by IPESSA Yaw Bar.

Navigation accuracy can never be better than the position estimate.

*RTK – Real Time Kinematic *GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System *MEMS – microelectromechanical system *FOG – Fiber Optical Gyroscope *IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit



At Ports the enormous logistics challenge can be performed precisely, efficiently and safely when Container cranes, Reach stackers Straddle carriers and Forklifts are at a right place at right time. The Port is a place where accidents occur, but when Autonomous machines monitor constantly their surroundings 360 degree and perform the tasks safely, taking no risks, accidents and incidents will reduce significantly.

IPESSA with RTK – GNSS – IMU  and 3D Camera could be your next solution. Phase out with the old technology and integrate your Autonomous or Remote controlled operating platform with robust IPESSA positioning devices.

Kindhelm is a high-tech company developing and manufacturing high accuracy positioning, velocity and direction determining products for OEMs and System Integrators

IPESSA in Action

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