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Ultra Small Dual-antenna RTK GNSS receiver with Inertial Measurement Unit

IPESSA Nano is an ultra compact dual-antenna RTK GNSS receiver. It is an ideal solution for all applications where small size and weight are key criteria without compromising with the performance. Novel sensor fusion uses measurements from the dual-antenna RTK and inertial sensor for optimal positioning output in all conditions. Therefore, IPESSA Nano is suitable for many applications such as small robots, drones and sports tracking.

Nano in Brief

Key Features

  • Dual-antenna RTK-GNSS and IMU
  • Well supported interfaces and protocols
  • CAN, RS-232, GPIO
  • Bluetooth, NFC
  • NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, Custom
  • 5 V to 24 V supply voltage
  • M12 industrial connector
  • IP68 enclosure

Typical Applications

  • Working machines
  • Delivery robots
  • Drones and other UAV
  • Sports tracking
  • Guided vehicles
  • Other unmanned systems

Easy Integration

IPESSA Nano is easy to integrate with any existing control system. It provides the most common wired interfaces CAN and RS-232 but also a wireless data transfer via Bluetooth. IPESSA Nano supports standard communication protocols such as NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000. Furthermore, Nano provides a built-in protocol converter functionality, which allows easy configuration and customization of the communication interfaces to your needs.

Rugged Design

IPESSA Nano is designed to last under all conditions. Its rugged IP68 enclosure provides protection against water, dust and mechanical shocks. Furthermore, rigid aluminum base provides robust mounting points, while reinforced plastic cover protects the electronics against environmental factors but allows wireless signals go through freely.

More Info

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IPESSA in Action