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Kindhelm opened an R&D & Marketing office in Turkey, Istanbul

Kindhelm Turkey (NAVIGS TURKEY TEKNOLOJI A.Ş.) has just launched its operations in February 2022.

Established in Finland in 2017, Kindhelm’s IPESSA family, designed and produced with new generation positioning technologies, aims to transform the global attention it has attracted into growth by establishing a subsidiary in Turkey, which it sees as a strategic market.

Why Kindhelm is in Turkey?
CEO Miika Ihonen:
– A competitive and growing economy integrated into the global ecosystem
– Professional working culture
– Educated and engaged human resources in advanced technologies
– Developed Land-, Aerial- & Marine industry and ecosystem
– Science Parks and R&D incentives
– Easy access to Middle Eastern and Asian markets

Kindhelm focus its R&D activities to positioning technologies with a very special and strategic project in Turkey i.e. USBL.

Kindhelm Turkey General Manager Hayri ÖZTURAN explained the importance of the USBL system, which is the first R&D project to be managed in Istanbul:

“The USBL (Ultra Short BaseLine) is a special system that provides acoustic positioning for all kind of applications operating under water. A very limited number of manufacturers around the world develop USBL systems. Simply, using a transceiver and a transducer mounted on a marine vehicle, position calculations can be made with data from a fixed or mobile underwater transponder or responder.

The USBL system, which is frequently used for underwater autonomous vehicles, divers tracking, underwater surveys and mapping, and some activities of offshore platforms under water, will be a more demanded product in the global market in the near future.

We aim to offer our partners products that are developed and differentiated considering our competitors in the market by managing our R&D projects quickly and effectively in Turkey. We have already started to take steps to enable our potential customers to participate in our development process.”

Kindhelm is in Turkey with a long-term business plan and strategy and has mobilized its resources to provide cooperation and a close working environment with Universities, Public and Private Technology ecosystem, Technoparks and Clusters.



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